Enamel Plant Holder with Greenhouse Effect Theme

Enamel Plant Holder with Greenhouse Effect Theme


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Enamel Plant Holder with Greenhouse Effect Theme
Stylish and Unique Plant Holder
This form of enamel artwork was inspired by Mediterranean region,in places like Morocco where it originated. It made its way to India where enamelware was used by military. ARM'S has brought this enamel artwork to the fore whereby these contemporary artwork is done in partnership with a Street children NGO based in Kolkata, West Bengal. However, no child labour is employed, these children have now grown up being given vocational training by the NGO and are above 20 years of age. ARM'S helps the NGO in bringing more creativity and design ideas and also showcase these lost artworks. The sale proceeds are also given back to the NGO to raise funds.

These are then stoved at high heat to give it a glazed texture. It can be used for keeping small potted plants as planters to increase the greenery effect in your beautiful homes, gardens or can adorn your staircases too.
Can be washed with mild soap and water
Not to be scrubbed or heated
Size : 60

Size : 20 cms X 5cms X 20 cms