Buffalo Horn Medium Serving Spoon with wooden Handle

Buffalo Horn Medium Serving Spoon with wooden Handle


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Buffalo Horn Medium Serving Spoon with Neemwood Handle

This has drawn its inspiration from new, unique cutlery items which ARM'S has designed and brought forth. These medium serving spoons with Neem wood handle gives it an elegant look and good to use with your curries, bakes, pies and roast.
Buffalo Horn craft is practised in Africa, Vietnam and parts of eastern India. Earlier during British rule, they were used as combs and back-scratchers. ARM'S has tried to revive this wonderful art form of West Bengal which is slowly dwindling due to lack of patronage. The items in most of the cases are exported out and hardly available in India. These are made from the horns of dead buffaloes and hence is also eco-friendly and is a form of recycling.

They can be washed with mild soap and water
Not to be scrubbed
Avoid using very high heat or direct flame
Can be used for medium hot, lukewarm food
Not dishwasher safe
Size : 60

Size : 8" X 4"