Guledgudd - Blue Magic - Basket Weave

Guledgudd - Blue Magic - Basket Weave


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Guledgudd -A fabric resplendent in both its form and color, with its unmistakable grandeur, intricate weaving is truly an art to be treasured. This fabric was created to make the cholis of the village folk women. A colorful designed choli against a plain weave saree, that was the idea. However today, the number of takers for this fabric is limited and as an art form it is unfortunately slowly fading away. We at Kale Nele are giving a new interpretation to it, with a hope that this little endeavor will keep those looms alive with the creative spirit with which they once started.

In this cushion, strips of fabric of varying width, color are taken and finished individually. These strips are then inter-woven to create the magic of color, form meshing in a pattern that is truly mesmerizing.

This cushion brings together the mystical colors of Blue and Purple.

The cushion comes with lining, zipper, and a matching back fabric.

Please dry-clean only.
Size : 16"x16"