Obliq is a box of creativity committed to out of the box thinking.
We believe in evolution of an idea. Giving a slight twist, turning the mundane to wow!!! Leaving you hooked on to what is called as OBLIQISM!!! We are a creative development agency where we have our own line of home décor products that are designed and manufactured at our end, in Mumbai. Our range of unique designer products are very different and refreshing.The product range includes candle stands, frames, table and desk accessories, lamps etc. from colourful reds to the subtle golds there is a shade for all age groups. Each product is carefully crafted
making it an individual piece of art. 

After a 10 year stint in the ad world Deval Ambani left the chaos of the demanding industry to re-discover her creative side. Though she enjoyed the accolades and excitement that was generated after cracking a brilliant idea, she knew it was time to take a break. She took a few a courses at NID for fun and discovered a new love of creating innovative utility products. Deval never contemplated starting her own business until she became passionate about designing lifestyle products with an interesting twist which led to the inception of Obliq.

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