Kanhai takes inspiration from the beautiful elements of nature and translates them into unique, whimsical and fanciful motifs handcrafted carefully in quality glass beads and wire. The products created using these motifs are exquisite and add color, joy and delight to your space. At Kanhai, we are constantly creating and innovating contemporary designs through traditional techniques. We offer a wide collection of gifts, home accessories and lighting. Take home these precious creations and brighten up your days!

As Kanhai began its journey in 1998, it started out by exporting beautiful Christmas ornaments to a range of countries across the globe and diversified further in domestic retail. Now, its also sold at niche stores in New Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Goa and Mumbai, Pune.

Kanhai at present is being guided by Mukta Sharma, who even though doesn’t hail from a professional design field, has a very gifted sense of design and aesthetics owing to her constant exposure to innovation, creativity and inspiration. After studying Economics, she moved into photography and trained under a renowned photographer before pursuing it further in Australia. She worked in the field advertising and photography for 7 years. She craved to do something with her hands and switched to handicrafts.

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