Fatfatiya Designs – a retail venture that designs, manufactures and sells quirky artifacts’, home decor and home furnishings.

After completing Diploma in Textile Design from Govt. Women’s Polytechnic, Jaipur in 2003, Sunita Jakhar worked with some of big Export Houses in Jaipur as Textile Designer and Merchandiser for almost 5 years. In December 2012, she started her own home décor brand “Fatfatiya”.

Fatfatiya in the local Rajasthani language refers to a small three wheeler called Taxi or Fatfatiya. Name Fatfatiya derives from sound of its diesel engine “fat fat”. These taxis are beautifully decorated with bright colors, ornamental designs and catchy phrases. These taxis are a classic example of Bharatiya Pop Art. We are greatly inspired by these taxis, hence we decided to name our store “Fatfatiya”.

 Fatfatiya’s products are Vibrant, Vivid & Kitschy and a good example of Indian Pop. Fatfatiya’s product range includes cushion covers, comforters, bed covers, bags, poufs and wall art.

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