Welcome to the wonderful life of parenthood with Advitiya. We help your children experience childhood every moment and cherish every memory. Every child has a unique personality and everything surrounding them should reflect just that. From princess to pirates, butterflies to ballerinas, circus to candy, racing cars themes and more. Everything your child likes is available here... We are displaying an endless range of bedding, bath and other accessories like curtains, accent cushions, hanging pockets picture frames, storage baskets, towels and more. If you have a particular design and a set range of colours in mind, we customise it for you.

A beautiful day in the garden or a sunny day at the beach, the first day of school or even a sleep over at a friend’s house, choose from a wide variety of tote bags, rucksacks, beach bags, lunch bags and more!

Advitiya is a brand started by Sivakami Ramesh who runs a manufacturing unit making woven labels.

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