Mealtime Memories!

“Families that eat together, stay together”, so said some wise person! And how true that is….When we look back at our happy #childhood days, there are so many precious #memories around #mealtimes. We have enjoyed never-ending conversations across the dining table, while munching away delicious homemade food or over empty, drying up plates and full stomachs!

Pretty Table Linen create a cosy, warm ambience for dining

As parents, we can build such happy #memories for our children by making sure that the whole family sits down together for at least one meal a day - away from the digital devices, chatting in person and sharing emotions instead of emoticons. 

Right choice of cutlery and fresh cut flowers make the dining table appealing!

We can sweeten up some of these occasions by adding some fine touches to our dining space or bringing out some classy cutlery. Pretty table cloths or runners to give a cosy feel, a vase of fresh flowers for brightening the mood…

A well chosen runner and co-ordinated decor accessories can bring life to your dining table.

A casual weekend dinner or evening snack could become special if you serve in stylish trays, platters or dip bowls. Light up some candles at dinner for warmth and romance. 

Choose classy platters and dip bowls to make your snacks more appealing

Do remember to keep the napkins handy in easily accessible napkin holders, because how can you have fun without some spills??

Keep napkins handy in easiy accessible holder for those messy mealtimes

Make the most of #mealtimes, build #memories to treasure!


Team Zaarga

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