A Tribute to Kanhai!

After a close association with Zaarga for almost 7 years, Kanhai takes a bow as Mukta Sharma moves on to pursue new opportunities. The Enchanting home accents by Kanhai were a visual treat to all Zaarga customers, the hardcore Kanhai fans and the casual browsers alike! 

The vibrant coasters, whimsical keyrings, elegant bookmarks, dainty napkin rings, will all be hugely missed on Zaarga! Here is a visual tribute to Kanhai, one of our oldest and most popular brands! A picture is worth a thousand words....


Elegant Bookmarks

Key Rings and Fridge Magnets:-

Keyrings and Fridge Magnets made of colorful beads

Whimsical Paperclips:-

Dainty Paperclips


Dainty Napkin Rings and Curtain Tiebacks:-

Vibrant Coasters:-

And finally, the ever Enchanting Garden Lights, which has stolen innumerable hearts!

We will miss you, Kanhai!


Team Zaarga

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