Tuesday Spotlight: Terracotta Serving Bowls

Terracotta Serving Bowls or Urlis - Set of 3


Planning a dinner party? What do your dishes look like? Sleek, modern, glass? Or the traditional stainless steel variety? How about something totally different? Take a gander at these delightful terracotta serving bowls! Aren’t they just gorgeous?

These are unique handcrafted, high quality stoneware AND are microwave safe. What more do you want?! Each one is finished to an excellent standard and will add pizazz to any dining table. Pasta, rice, rajma or salad, these will make anything look good!

Available for the hugely pocket friendly price of Rs 890 for a set of 3 bowls, these make excellent gifts too. So do not hesitate – get yourself one today! Available only on Zaarga!


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