Tuesday Spotlight: Retro Gramophone Clock

On a given day, how often do you check the time? On busy school / work mornings, when I am scrambling to get the children ready, I check it every few minutes to make sure I am on track. Am pretty much sure it is the same for most of you out there. So, how about jazzing up the clock face you stare at ever so often? Please say hello to the Retro Gramophone Clock.

Retro Gramophone Clock
Retro Gramophone Clock

In unrelieved black, these show different ‘scenes’, in silhouette. There’s one with a saxophone player (my favourite!), one with a dancing couple and one, for the musically inclined little ones, with a jungle scene.

A clock is a simple thing – too simple, really, to really take its place as a significant piece of wall adornment. But your choice of one often tells everyone a little bit about you – are you the practical sort or the orderly kind or the arty-bohemian type? Why not go for one of these and give whimsy a try?

The Retro Gramophone Clock – only at Zaarga. Get yourself one today!

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