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This week, the “stylist” at Team Zaarga compiled personal styling tips for the Zaarga Community. Here is the consolidated list of all those tips – enjoy reading!
Z Tip 2012 #6: Personal Style: One statement piece per ensemble: To make a style statement with your ensemble, just pair ONE statement piece of jewellery with your outfit. Maybe that classic cuff braceletor fashionista earrings. What that means? – You may have matching necklace, ring AND bangle and bracelet that kinda match those WOW-ME earrings, but desist – you want points for style! Not for just showing off every trinket in your collection

Here’s one from OMYAA that we specially shared for the guys in Zaarga Community:-  “A simple scarf adds volumes of style to the regular semi-formal look.” Check this out!!!  

Z Tip 2012 #7: Accessories are a great way to express yourself and stretch your wardrobe. You can wear the same outfit but change the accessories to achieve a completely different look. For instance, a classic “little black dress,” can be used as 3 different outfits – 1) Wear it with a jacket, a simple gold chain, a watch, and black flats or pumps; you have an outfit for the office. 2) Wear the same dress with high heels, a classically-styled black purse, and muted, elegant jewelry like pearls at your ears, throat, and wrist; you now have an outfit for a formal dinner. Take the same dress. Accessorize with a sheer wrap, glamorous jewelry, stiletto heels, and a little clutch purse. Presto – you’re ready for an evening out. Take a look at your clothes and see how many outfits you can create just by accessorizing. (source:ourfamilyporch blog)
Z Tip 2012 #8: Power Dressing Tip for our Gorgeous Gals :-): Corporate dressing doesn’t mean you need to look like the guys! Go for one strategic accessory like a bold cuff, a string of pearls or brushed gold chain to flaunt your feminine side. Let woman power add to your Power Dressing quotient !
Z Tip 2012 #9: Personal style: Okay this is one accessory that never goes out of style – Smile ! And you don’t need to buy it,simply wear ur brightest smile as often as you can ! And well, this tip comes to you on a Friday – so smile at least ‘coz the work week’s over

Team Z

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