Online or Brick Mortar Shopping experience?

 “When I was browsing through Zaarga,  I was looking for a small, unique and quirky gift  that I can give a friend who can carry it in her luggage without too much hazzle. I loved the paper weight and the quirky bookends-it seemed like it was made just for me to pick them and so did I! 


I had to wait until my family visited us from India to bring it along. So after  few weeks, finally when I got it in my hand,I was pleasantly surprised with the box it came with as well! It was very colorful and lively just like contents… I had to wait a while, but sure was worth it!

When I am on the blog or browsing through the catalogue, the beautiful pictures and apt descriptions of products make me feel like I am walking into an exclusive shop assisted by a personal shopper-:) 

Truly love the experience and the aesthetic feel..Keep up the great work, Team Zaarga. “
– Kanmani Ashok Nachimuthu,
Kanmani describes herself as “a Mom, Daughter, Sister, Wife, Daughter-in-law, Friend, Consultant trying to balance it ALL (like the rest of the women!)

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