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How Zaarga Works

If you love beautiful things, we want you here on Zaarga to share the joy of seeing and buying beautiful things.

Complete the simple sign up process by sharing a few basic details and you are now ready to start buying online at Zaarga.

Every time you log in, your shopping cart is activated. You can simply browse using our easy to use menus to find products that appeal to you and add them to your cart. We suspect that there are many wonderful products waiting for someone like you on our pages. You can browse by value or by category or by shop (meaning products by a particular designer).

When you see a product you like, click to enlarge and see more details and additional views of the product that the designer may have provided. You can select the product and add to your shopping cart. Continue browsing and shopping - you can add multiple products to your cart during any visit to Zaarga.

Buying online at Zaarga does not mean buying blindly. To get more information about a product in addition to listed details, you get an opportunity to interact through the shop window and message forum with the designer whose product you are interested in. Our designers would also love the occasional note simply letting them know that their creation brought you joy.

When you are done with your Retail therapy or this visit, you can check out by clicking on your shopping cart and pay for selected products. Pay in safety as our payment gateway interface guides you step-by-step to complete the transaction. You can pay by debit or credit cards or directly via net banking of selected banks. Rest assured that any information you provide at this stage will not be recorded anywhere on Zaarga.

Log out of your Zaarga session or simply close the browser window. You can use our contact interface any time you need support in tracking or following up on your purchase.

You can join us on Facebook and Twitter to stay connected with Zaarga in real time. And of course we hope you'll be coming back to shop on Zaarga soon.