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Custom Decor

At Zaarga we strive to present curated accessories and products that add colour, beauty and life to your dream home.

Yet there are times when the readymade fails to bring to life the magical décor that you have conjured up in your mind. You may need a royal blue handmade carpet with a subtle gradient and hints of beige, or you could be hunting for ottoman covers that complement the ochre on your sofa. And those are the times we could help you!

For customised suggestions and solutions, EMAIL us at help@zaarga.com and we will work with you to create your dream space.

The Designers at Zaarga can offer you stylish, bespoke solutions for all your home décor and home furnishing needs. Our past projects include custom wall installations, garden lighting, bed linen, table linen, serve ware, curtains, wall art, cushion covers, ottoman covers and handmade carpets.

We also service custom requirements for your office, restaurant or other commercial spaces.

We would be happy to offer help for Interior Designers and Architects as well, for their various décor related sourcing requirements.

Email & Phone

Team Zaarga is great with email and good on phone, so take your pick and reach out to us.


Email us and we assure you of a response within 24 hours.

Phone numbers: +91-9940681495

Call us between 10 am and 5 pm on business days. At other times, do leave us an email with your details and we will call you back as soon as we can.

Snail Mail

#8/16, 3rd Cross St,
Karpagam Gardens,
Chennai- 20

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