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About Zaarga

Zaarga is a popular destination for those who appreciate and love beautifully designed products.

We love contemporary Indian Design and believe that there are many talented Indian designers out there pouring their creativity and craftsmanship into making some really amazing products. Yet it is not always easy to own these designs, given that not all these products are retailed in regular stores or even across multiple locations.

Zaarga has been created as our solution to this challenge. We know that there are many of you out there who, like us, love and appreciate Indian design and we are really excited about providing an aesthetic, appealing and easy to use online boutique to showcase these designers. Since we are ourselves shoppers first, we have done our best to ensure you will find it easy to browse, find and buy products here to adorn your homes, lives or for that special gift.

Designers on Zaarga are here by invitation and we intend to keep it that way so that you will only find the most exclusive designer products here. Our endeavour is to make our pages interactive and interesting and we would love to have you participate in as many ways as possible - through your comments, feedback, blog contributions or interaction on our Social media pages.

Zaarga has had a very exciting journey since its inception and we are sure that you will enjoy being part of it. Happy Shopping!

Team Zaarga